Terms Of Agreement
1. The web portal www.stone4world.com is owned by MARMI d.o.o. from
Croatia, with the address of Dr. Franjo Tudjman no. 57, Poličnik, OIB:
2. The following terms and conditions apply to all users (registered,
unregistered) using the www.stone4world.com web site, and this policy is a
legal agreement between users and the internet
platform www.stone4world.com.
3. Stone4World is a multilingual specialized networking platform where supply
and demand of all types of materials that originate from lithosphere bark
meet, as well as accompanying tools, machines etc. used for extraction,
processing, packaging, transportation, etc.
4. Stone4World is an online platform that allows registered users to advertise
their products, whether they are selling or buying or giving any services,
that are in any way associated with stone or stone-bearing products,
machines or products, tools and all other types of official processing,
production, exploitation of stone and all products that contain any form of
stone or stone products, as well as oil, gas, water, noble metals and raw
materials, all with the purpose to facilitate to potential partners from all
around the world.
5. By opening the web portal www.stone4world.com (further S4W), you
accept all of its policies that are subject to change, supplement at any time
and come into effect immediately upon publication on the portal. The User
is required to read the Terms and Conditions, and the same is available to all
users in a clear and easy-to-understand form on the portal.

6. When submitting an ad, the user has a choice of verification or registration,
whereby the user can choose between terms depending on which of the
above terms corresponds to the actual status of the user: "physical person"
or "legal entity." When registering, the user is required to enter all the
information requested of him, on the Law on Prohibiting and Preventing
Unregistered Activities (Official Gazette No.: 61/11) and other material
regulations of the Republic of Croatia.
7. When registering on S4W, the user acknowledges that he has provided
accurate and correct information and warrants this under criminal and
material liability and is obliged to update them on each S4W page at any
time. For any damages that might have arisen to third parties because the
user did not update their data on S4W, the user is solely responsible. The
User is responsible for and agrees to take all necessary steps to eliminate,
defend and protect the S4W from any such claims against S4W because the
user did not receive timely and completely update his data submitted to the
S4W page.
8. The user is required to take care of the security of his / her user password.
The User is fully responsible for any damages resulting from unauthorized
use of the access rights as well as disclosure of the contents under his
9. S4W makes no warranty as to the content of the advertisements posted by
the user and, in the event of any claim by third parties on the basis of
compensation or any other reason that would have been related to the
content submitted by the S4W user, the user fully assumes the
responsibility as well as the obligation to take all actions to eliminate,
defend and protect the S4W from such claims. The User is obligated to
reimburse any costs as well as all incurred damages that would arise on the
basis of the request of third parties and on any basis related to the material
delivered by the user.
10. All disputes arising from the relationship between the S4W (advertiser) and
the third party shall be settled between them. Stone4World is not

responsible for any form of damage caused by the relationship between
S4W (advertiser) and third parties.
11. S4W is not responsible for any damages that may arise due to the
interruption of availability, disclosure, deletion of content or abuse of
publicly announced ads.
12. S4W shall not be liable for any costs incurred by the user to use the
Stone4World Internet Portal for mobile phones.
13. S4W allows one user to register one account = one account. Third-party
accounts are not allowed. By registering, an S4W Internet portal will assign
you a unique registration number that is related to the data previously
entered by the user and with an e-mail address.
14. When you register, enter your password, which you are obliged to keep and
do not give it to third parties, and if you notice that someone has used your
account and password on the S4W Web site, you must immediately report
the S4W service to mail support@stone4world.com.

15. When submitting an ad, a registered user can associate photos with the
advertisement of their ad, and the images must be accurate, credible. It is
agreed to post pictures of ads that are not self-explanatory as described in
the description and are also forbidden post photos advertising articles that
are protected by third party copyright or intellectual property rights of third
parties from which registered users do not have permission to use them. In
the event of a dispute arising out of copyright or intellectual property rights
on photographs advertising articles, the user is required to take all
necessary steps to remove and protect S4W from all such claims arising out
of disputes to protect copyrights in photos and videos advertising articles.

16. The user submitting the advertisement submits it using the language
previously selected when signing in to S4W.
17. A small ad must be placed in the appropriate section for the item to be
18. Only one item of sale must be entered in the small advertisement. It is
forbidden to introduce a product list.
19. Companies, crafts, associations, and agencies through the S4W Internet
Portal may only be advertised as a prior verifier such as where it is
permitted to promote and to set up a log and a website.
20. S4W shall authorize every moment of termination of a user account that
violates the Terms of Use of the S4W Internet Portal Policy or otherwise
jeopardize and interfere with the operation of the Internet Portal.
21. S4W with the closure of the account may also initiate other tasks that
implement the Terms of the Ordinance.
22. The Material Regulations of the Republic of Croatia shall apply to the Terms
and Regulations between users and S4W. In case of a dispute between the
user and S4W, the court in Zadar is in charge.
23. S4W has the right to remove an ad, banner, blog and without notice, which
will be reported to the user by email for the following reasons:
- When an ad, the banner or the blog is delivered to the wrong section
- When a product and advertiser violate copyrights and other intellectual
property rights
- When an ad, the banner or the blog contains discriminating aspects
- When the ad, the banner or the blog are in any sense offensive

-When an ad or the banner are suspicious in terms of advertising a stolen or
illegal cloak
- When an ad, the banner or the blog distorts content quality when there is a
suspicion of misuse of S4W
- When an ad, the banner or the blog does not have in its content scope
category S4W
24. Each Member shall warrant that it will comply with the terms and
conditions of the S4W, shall use it in good faith and by business
25. Regarding personal information and the protection of personal data that
users of a physical person enter when registering on the S4W Internet
Portal: please read more under PRIVOLA- PRIVACY POLICY. Regulation (EU)
2016/679 on the protection of data secrets - abbreviated GDPR - or the
Implementing Law of the General Data Protection Act - Official Gazette
42/2018) shall apply to the security of personal data of users who are
physical persons.
26. It is not allowed to copy or advertise the S4W site without the express
written consent of the responsible company of the company that owns the
portal in question as specified in Art. 1 of these Terms and Conditions of
27. S4W contains links to other server's Internet links. S4W does not warrant
the safety of other sites and is protected against possible damage caused by
further pages other than S4W.
28. S4W contains banners, see more under "Banners." S4W includes blogs that
registered users can ask questions and verified, approved by S4W bloggers
post blogs,
29. Placing ads and queries for banners can only be adult individuals and legal
entities. Children and minors are not allowed to set up a small ad and ask
for banners, so parents or guardians take overall responsibility for the
actions and actions of children and minors, and S4W does not respond to

possible adverse consequences caused by children or juveniles placing ads
made queries for banners, as well as potential payments.
30. S4W has the right to provide full cooperation and support to government
bodies and injured parties in proceedings and investigations when there is
any suspicion of having committed a criminal offense or a civil action having
elements of prostitution and the basis for a claim for compensation as S4W
provided the data about the registered persons and their identity, and for
the same action, S4W will not be liable.
31. S4W as an Internet platform that, through the exchange of information
between buyers and sellers, products and services, is neither a seller nor a
customer, and does not respond to the quality of products and services and
does not bear the responsibility for the availability, security and legality of
products and services offered on S4W.
32. Submission of small ads by category is free. Administrator reserves the right
to change.
33. The billing unit for the billing service of the Baner is in HRK, translated at
the mean exchange rate of the HNB in euros.
34. S4W is entitled to vary the prices of products available on the website, and
the changes are valid immediately upon placing the page.
35. Payment of banner advertising can be done as follows:
- Internet banking for virginity, offer
36. For all paid advertising services on the S4W Internet platform, an account is
automatically forwarded to the profile of the registered subscriber who has
made the payment and the account is also sent to the same user's email.
37. For clients paying the S4W advertising service and paying the same
payments from the EU payment market is included in the price of the Croatian
VAT which is 25% and an invoice is added to the VAT not included in the VAT
and natural person's VAT system for legal persons who issue a VAT invoice
within the European Payments System within the VAT system, while in the non-

payment market of the European Union VAT invoices are not shown on the
invoices issued.
38. If any user has a dispute with any third party or party in the transaction, the
user is obligated by S4W to take all necessary action to eliminate and protect
S4W from any such claims arising from disputes between the user and the third
party or the other party in the transaction, and pay any costs that might have
arisen for S4W in connection with such a dispute.
39. Pursuant to Article 80 of the Law on VAT and Article 162 of the VAT Code.
bills issued for paid banner advertising services are sent to the payer on his /
her registered a profile on S4W in electronic form without stamps and signatures
and the users agree.
40. All objections and objections under Article 11 a Consumer Protection Act
can be submitted in writing to F. Tuđman 57 Poličnik 23241, Croatia or via
email: support@stone4world.com
41. All S4W users can be S4W blog users. To use the blog, the S4W Terms and
Conditions apply, subject to the special features of the blog and all of the items
listed below.
42. Special Terms for Using Your Blog:
- The S4W user becomes the S4W blog user by choosing the "BLOG" sign in the
interface and acting according to user instructions
A blog user who is not registered as a user of the S4W site can view the topics
that he/she chooses
read blogs but can not ask questions
- if the user wishes to ask the question he/she wants to write the blog, the
same must be registered on the S4W page, and then he chooses the icon to ask
the question and puts it out of the category in the description of the business
he wants to get the answer.
The "Ask a Question" question box - Blog themes - is located on the front page
for blogs on the right side of the so-called blog. "Bulletin board"

-registered users who want to write and post blogs on S4W, need to fill out a
blog-writing template that will answer within 24 hours whether they are
approved or disallowed blogging on S4W
-registered users and agreed bloggers can ask questions through the "bulletin
board" and then post them to the "panel" or the front page.
-commanders on posted blogs can only be provided by registered users of S4W,
Blogs on S4W can be shared to other social networks via applications whose
icons are below the text (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest,)
, while comments on a published blog can not be shared through social
networks because they are visible only on the S4W blog,
-blogs with default topics are stored in the categories they were typing, and the
five most recent blogs are on the front page, on the left
When asked about the topic in the right-hand corner of the front page or on
the bulletin board, besides the question, is who put it, and from which country
is the person who wrote the blog, and this image was set by the registered user
when registering.
- when writing a blog with a written and published blog, there is information
about who I created it, from which country the person who wrote it, the title,
and the photo (image) if the user of the blog set it up during the registration,
set up a blog, and you can set up a photo and download and set up a video clip.
- the personal data of a user who is a natural person and is registered in the EU
area, the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on data secrecy - reduced
GDPR - or the Law on Implementation of the General Data Protection
Regulation - Narodne novine, no: 42/2018)