- S4W is a unique specialized and multilingual platform for the supply and demand of all raw materials that come from lithosphere as well as tools, machines and products related to the same. Therefore we pay special attention to your advertising on our portal, as it is represented in construction, mining, geology, collecting, interior design, exterior, pharmacy, medicine, production of tools, machines, adhesives, fuges, goldsmiths, traffic and exploration of oil, gas water, etc., and are therefore reviewed by prospective buyers interested in these products. Setting your banner on our platform your banner will be visible to a potentially interest group interested in your raw material or product. The responsible person fills out the banner submission form on the S4W page, where the required information has to be filled in and sent to the administrator, after which the administrator sends the bidding, and upon bona fide execution, the bidder places the banner at the agreed position at the required time interval. After making a banner advertising payment, the administrator sends the account to the customer's mail for the paid service.

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