Stone4World is an Internet specialized multilingual platform for meeting supply and demand, and sharing information and education about all the raw materials that originate from the clay-lithospheric earth, as well as the tools, machines, and products needed for exploration, production, transport, and final processing. S4W is owned by Marmi d.o.o, address: Dr. Fr. Tuđman No.57, Zip Code: 23241 Poličnik, Croatia, OIB: 67489063057.

 "After years of work with stone, visiting stone, building materials, and machines trade fairs, searching the web site as a buyer and seeking for help about mounting and buying stone, I realized there was a lack of a specialized Internet platform. My wish was to create a sprawling multilingual Internet platform where people from all over the world can put their explored raw materials, final products, tools, etc., and make cooperations with new customers, sharing their experiences with others and using the online platform as a service where they can ask questions to get an answer. After 14 months I developed the concept of "commercial divisions" of raw materials from the corpus lithosphere and tools and machines for processing them, and with the help of an information technician, we created the S4W website. For all users of the S4W platform, I want a lot of business success and moving the boundaries in business - because the S4W Internet platform is made for you. "

Owner and P.P: Milijano Marinović

I am a marketing and PR manager at Marmi d.o.o., under whose leadership is developed online platform Stone4World. By working in marketing and researching the market, I realized that trust, security, and support between supply and demand is of main importance. Trust and security in terms of quality, safety and simplicity of business on platform S4W, and support as a written form of knowledge and evaluation of everything related to the earth's lithosphere which S4W provides through written blogs. Blogs are written by specialists who have theoretical knowledge but also have practical experience in raw materials from the lithosphere. Targeted blogs are the fusion of cultures and their ways of using raw materials, providing information on the research of the lithosphere, and ultimately connecting people to ecology and sustainable development. We pay special attention to your advertising on our site because it is represented in construction, mining, geology, collecting, interior-exterior design, pharmacy, medicine, tool production, machines, adhesives, fugues, gold, traffic and exploration of oil, gas, water, etc., and it is, therefore, being reviewed by potential buyers interested in these raw materials and products.
Let's connect supply and demand with the common forces! We look forward to sharing knowledge and encouraging sustainable development now and in the future.

Marketing Manager

Josipa Mustać